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    Frank definitely is a master of his craft. There's the saying '...jack of all trades and master of none.." I take great pride in trying to do things myself and when it comes to the tech side of things some things are left better to a master of the trade than to the jack... Such as in my case, when I decided to turn loose of the reigns and hand the project over I immediately saw a change in how things were done and with such accuracy and professionalism...

    I would definitely recommend Frank and you can feel safe in knowing he is definitely a master of his craft.

    - Matt Vance

    I made the changes you suggested in our meeting and now, less than two weeks later, I'm showing up for my target keyword. I'm encouraged because before I was starting to think first page rankings were impossible. I am already #4 in organic search and #7 in map search, with lots of ideas for improvement. Thanks for your help.

    - Marlet Edwards

    When I first went to Frank, my online business was only making around $100 per month - all on Google ads. I thought the problem dealt with my online traffic, so I hired Frank to help me with SEO.

    Within the first month of hiring him, he quickly realized my problem dealt with business revenue and site conversion. After we brainstormed revenue streams, Frank created a plan of action to took my site to 5.5X the amount of revenue I'd been receiving before, with minimal expenses.

    Besides his extensive business and technical expertise, Frank is an honest, trustworthy guy. We've developed a strong partnership that's lasted years. I trust his advice more than anyone I've ever interacted with in the online business world.

    I'd strongly recommend his services, and I wish we had more people like him in the online business sector.

    - Matt Smith

    Frank has been excellent at managing our SEO. His years of experience with SEO and SEM come through in every conversation. Frank does a great job of taking our initial plans and finding the best way to maximize our clients’ promotions.

    - Nancy Woody

    Working with Frank on various SEO and SEM initiatives has been a fantastic experience and garnered meaningful results. Managing three separate online brand initiatives, Frank was able to double the traffic for brand A while maintaining a 50% conversion rate. He improved targeting to boost conversion rate from 57% to 68% for Brand B. Brand C had a 25.7% increase in the baseline conversion rate over a six month period. Working as part of our team, Frank was very efficient, professional and stripped away the jargon to help my clients understand the the value of the initiatives.

    - Kevin Szogas

    Frank is extremely knowledgeable in SEO and marketing. He knows what to say and how best to say it. Frank has a way with the English vocabulary. He is excellent at troubleshooting issues quickly and making it right! I highly recommend him!

    - Amy Spiro

    I have worked with Frank for about a year, he is prepared and gives you the best advice for your business needs.

    He designed my website and does the necessary maintenance, in addition to content marketing and SEO. He answers my questions quickly and gives me a clearer picture of what I need.

    Working with him has been a very rewarding experience, I recommend him!

    - Elsis Rodriguez

    Frank is highly skilled, pleasant to work with, and has a great work ethic and integrity.

    - Tracey Roizman
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