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OptSus definitely is a master of their craft. There's the saying '...jack of all trades and master of none.." I take great pride in trying to do things myself and when it comes to the tech side of things some things are left better to a master of the trade than to the jack... Such as in my case, when I decided to turn loose of the reigns and hand the project over I immediately saw a change in how things were done and with such accuracy and professionalism...

I would definitely recommend OptSus and you can feel safe in knowing they definitely are masters of their craft.

M. VANCE // Business Owner

I run a creative agency outside of Dallas and am always looking for great resources to help my clients and extend my capabilities. And I have to say: my experience working with OptSus was excellent. From start to finish, everything I needed was done quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. I pride myself on providing best-in-class customer service, and was very pleased to work with another agency that feels the same way. Highly recommended.

JONATHAN S. // Business Owner

Working with OptSus on various SEO and SEM initiatives has been a fantastic experience and garnered meaningful results. Managing three separate online brand initiatives, OptSus was able to double the traffic for brand A while maintaining a 50% conversion rate. He improved targeting to boost conversion rate from 57% to 68% for Brand B. Brand C had a 25.7% increase in the baseline conversion rate over a six month period. Working with our team, OptSus was very efficient, professional and stripped away the jargon to help us understand the the value of the initiatives.

KEVIN S. // Business Owner

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