Termageddon Discount Code

We are excited to include Termageddon service for all WordPress Management clients, and a discount code for anyone with a website we are not managing. If you came here for the code, OPTSUS will save you 10% off your first payment to Termageddon. Now, let’s talk about why this is an essential service we have […]

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Data Driven Marketing

Let me ask you something you may have never considered before… What is the one thing you want visitors to do when they come to your website? Back in 2016, I had a pharmaceutical client tell me they never considered that and no marketing agency they worked with had ever asked them. You see, they […]

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Why Build Your Website With WordPress?

The truth is that you can build a business with any website. Some people even choose to only have a Facebook page for their business. With each of these options, there are some benefits and drawbacks for you to consider. Facebook Page Only Let’s start by exploring the use of a Facebook Page as your […]

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Getting Started with On-Site SEO

The foundation of online marketing is on-site SEO. This is because search engines and social media will use the information found here to send traffic to your site. Before you even begin sharing content or paying for ads, it’s important to get your on-site SEO right. While you are working on other marketing activities, this […]

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Building a Basic Cheap Website

First, right from the start, I want to clear up some confusion around the word “cheap”. We’re not talking about junk, garbage, or a poorly designed website. Rather, the word “cheap” simply means the price is very low – so low that many website developers will not even consider the project. To be clear, a […]

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Foundations of SEO

Stop struggling to learn about the latest trends in SEO and focus on getting the foundations of SEO right. This will ensure your website rank improves over time as your business grows. The majority of your return from SEO can be achieved by focusing on these fundamentals until your business is large enough to hire […]

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