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Get your customized website in just four weeks with clear reviews and seamless weekend deployment.

Simple WP Website

OptSus Simple WP Website service crafts a tailored online platform for your business. Get your website ready in four weeks with clear reviews, flexible approvals, and quick weekend deployment. Partner with us for a customized solution that boosts your online visibility.

Efficient Timeline

Our streamlined process ensures your website is ready within four weeks, swiftly moving from development to live deployment, allowing you to showcase your brand online promptly.

Clear Revision Process

With our structured revision system, you review the site mid-week, facilitating easy adjustments. This iterative approach guarantees your website reflects your vision, ensuring seamless changes and enhancements.

Flexible Review and Approval

At week's end, you review the finalized site, giving approval or requesting further development. This flexible approach ensures your complete satisfaction before moving forward.

Customer-Friendly Launch

Once approved, your website goes live over the weekend, ensuring a seamless transition from staging to live servers, allowing your audience immediate access to your brand-new online platform with minimal downtime.

WebSprint Blueprint

3 Step Process

At OptSus Marketing, we've designed the WebSprint Blueprint – a strategic guide tailored for small business owners ready to bring their websites to life. This clear-cut three-step process is crafted to expedite your website's creation journey, starting from scheduling your project's launch date to the meticulous development phase. With our blueprint, we ensure a seamless and efficient pathway for businesses seeking a rapid and effective website solution, empowering you to establish a robust online presence hassle-free.

Plan Your Website

Once you've made your purchase, we'll promptly provide a scheduling link for your website's start date, always set for a Monday. Need help with a website plan? Complete our form, and within 24 hours, we'll deliver a tailored blueprint for your site.

Build and Refine

We begin crafting your website on Monday and Tuesday, presenting it for your review and revision requests by Wednesday. Your feedback is swiftly implemented on Thursday, giving you another chance to refine or approve the project by Friday.

Customization and Expansion

Our standard package encompasses up to 15 pages built within four weeks. Additional development time is billed weekly, including up to five extra pages each week. Want a more personalized design? Extend the project start. Need more pages? Extend the project's timeline to accommodate your requirements.




  • Efficient Timeline
  • Clear Revision Process
  • Flexible Review and Approval
  • Weekend Deployment



  • Efficient Timeline
  • Clear Revision Process
  • Flexible Review and Approval
  • Weekend Deployment

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Frank is a true pro at his craft! I reached out to him for website support for two reasons: he is a WordPress expert and does both ongoing maintenance and new site builds. I needed maintenance and fixes for an existing site and a new website built. He has done an amazing job on both fronts.

Frank has a rock solid process that is very transparent and his pricing is both scalable and affordable. One of the things I like most about working with Frank is that he takes the time to educate me along the way and provides a flexible model that meets my needs. I look forward to working with him into the future as a technology partner that looks out for my business.

Ben Wiant

Career Transition Consultant The 3 Doors Job Search

I worked with Frank and OptSus Marketing during my time at Polyzen. In the 3.5 years we worked together, he helped us update and maintain our WordPress website, increase our overall digital presence, including SEO management, keyword searches, visibility and engagement. Their approach to SEO was practical and effective. They helped us improve our average position in search results from 51.9 to 28.7 and successfully elevated many of our keywords to the first page, broadening our digital footprint.

Further, OptSus consistently demonstrated their ability as a dependable and skilled partner. I recommend OptSus Marketing to any business seeking to enhance its digital presence in a tangible and effective manner.

Nikin Shah

Co-CEO Polyzen, Inc

Choosing OptSus Marketing to manage and develop our online assets has been a pivotal decision in elevating our digital presence. While Paradise Found Construction already ranked well on Google for several keywords, OptSus expertly expanded our reach, securing first-page rankings for additional targeted keywords. This strategic enhancement has significantly broadened our online visibility.

Their approach was holistic and highly effective. The team at OptSus redesigned our website with a sophisticated mobile-first approach, recognizing the paramount importance of mobile responsiveness in today’s digital landscape. This not only improved our user experience but also aligned perfectly with modern browsing habits.

Additionally, their daily engagement across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, has brought a new level of interaction and visibility to our brand. But it’s their SEO expertise that truly stands out. OptSus skillfully optimized our content, moving us from being unnoticed in specific searches to ranking on the first page for new, critical keywords within just one month.

What impressed me the most is how OptSus’s systems allow me to concentrate on my business, knowing that our digital marketing is in capable hands. Their methods are not just about promoting online; they are about creating a comprehensive digital presence that resonates and engages effectively with our audience.

I wholeheartedly endorse OptSus Marketing for any business looking to enhance its digital footprint. They don’t just market your business; they elevate and integrate it into the digital world in a way that genuinely reflects your brand’s values and goals.

Jeff Wiblitzhouser

PresidentPresident Paradise Found Construction, LLC

Very Rewarding Experience

I have worked with Frank for about a year, he is prepared and gives you the best advice for your business needs.

He designed my website and does the necessary maintenance, in addition to content marketing and SEO. He answers my questions quickly and gives me a clearer picture of what I need.

Working with him has been a very rewarding experience, I recommend him!

Elsis Rodriguez

Owner Focus Marketing

Extremely Knowledgeable in SEO & Marketing

Frank is extremely knowledgeable in SEO and marketing. He knows what to say and how best to say it. Frank has a way with the English vocabulary. He is excellent at troubleshooting issues quickly and making it right! I highly recommend him!

Amy Spiro

Owner Prime Pet Boutique

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