Affordable Web Design

Our team has been building websites since 1999. We have extensive experience in WordPress management, development, and design. Over the years, we have curated a set of solutions for any budget. Pricing starts at just $500 for a professionally built WordPress website.

The $500 Website

Now, you're probably wondering how we can build a high-quality professional website for only $500. These are basic, information sites like the one used by a local tree service or local organization. Additional functionality increases the cost of the site, and your specific requirements may bring the price up. However, we've made it easy to keep your costs low if you just need a basic website.

The base rate for our web design service is $500 per week. If you have a very basic website with only a few pages, text, and images that are ready to go - we can have that done in one week. Projects that extend beyond seven day or which require additional functionality will increase the total cost.
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Free DIY Support

If you didn't think we could get the cost under $500, you will be delighted to learn about the FREE option that is available. Have a look at our event calendar and consider joining one of the WordPress Help Desk meetings or another event. These are hosted in RTP which is central to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill in North Carolina. Some events are even hosted online, and we answer questions in a Facebook group for SEO Help & Support as well as one for WordPress Help & Support.

As you can see, we have options to help you with web design and online marketing at any budget. Starting with FREE services, as your business grows - OptSus is here to help.
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