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Struggling to engage customers online? OptSus Marketing has the tools to help small businesses like yours effectively connect with and attract your ideal customers.

Our services focus on crafting sustainable strategies that engage and expand your customer base. Take action now to revamp your online approach and avoid missing out on potential customers. Success awaits with increased engagement and business growth through OptSus Marketing.

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Smooth Onboarding

Experience an effortless transition into our services, with a user-friendly onboarding process designed for your convenience and peace of mind.

Simplified Experience

Benefit from our end-to-end services, providing a single point of contact for all your online needs, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Efficiency and Time Savings

Streamline your marketing efforts with our comprehensive solutions, saving you time while we handle your website, content, and social media.

Decades of Expertise

Leverage our extensive 20+ years of experience for effective strategies and proven methods that drive results and business growth.

OptSus Marketing

Investing In Your Online Success:

Pricing Options





  • 24/7 Security Monitoring
  • Effortless Updates
  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Support

Social Media




  • Enhanced Online Reach
  • Sustained Traffic Impact
  • Effortless Content Promotion
  • Data-Driven Strategy

Content Writing




  • Engaging Content Creation
  • Consistent Weekly Posts
  • Efficient Quarterly Review
  • Lasting Brand Impression

Simple Website



up to 15 pages

  • Efficient Timeline
  • Clear Revision Process
  • Flexible Review and Approval
  • Weekend Deployment

New Business Bundle



  • Simple WP Website with up to 15 pages
  • 1 year of WP Management
  • 1 year of Social Media Management
  • 1 year of Content Writing

see what others have to say

You're in good company

I run a creative agency outside of Dallas and am always looking for great resources to help my clients and extend my capabilities. And I have to say: my experience working with OptSus was excellent. From start to finish, everything I needed was done quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. I pride myself on providing best-in-class customer service, and was very pleased to work with another agency that feels the same way. Highly recommended.

Jonathan S. // Business Owner

OptSus definitely is a master of their craft. There's the saying '...jack of all trades and master of none.." I take great pride in trying to do things myself and when it comes to the tech side of things some things are left better to a master of the trade than to the jack... Such as in my case, when I decided to turn loose of the reigns and hand the project over I immediately saw a change in how things were done and with such accuracy and professionalism...

I would definitely recommend OptSus and you can feel safe in knowing they definitely are masters of their craft.

M. Vance // Business Owner

Working with OptSus on various SEO and SEM initiatives has been a fantastic experience and garnered meaningful results. Managing three separate online brand initiatives, OptSus was able to double the traffic for brand A while maintaining a 50% conversion rate. He improved targeting to boost conversion rate from 57% to 68% for Brand B. Brand C had a 25.7% increase in the baseline conversion rate over a six month period. Working with our team, OptSus was very efficient, professional and stripped away the jargon to help us understand the the value of the initiatives.

Kevin S. // Business Owner

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