WordPress Management & Support

Stop dealing with WordPress headaches and let OptSus manage your site. You’ll get unlimited WordPress support for small jobs, conversion focused marketing tools, and a marketing dashboard to help grow your business.

Are your tired of dealing with WordPress headaches?

We’ve got you covered, for only $79/month.

The first step is to schedule a site audit to ensure your website is ready for OptSus WordPress Management.

Site Audit

Before we take on any new WordPress Management clients, we perform a site audit. This helps us ensure the sites we are managing are up-to-date and secure. If we find any problems with your website, we will provide a report outlining what needs to be addressed before we can begin managing the site.

Unlimited Small Jobs

There are several things that people overlook with their website. First, you need someone that can make small adjustments to your site without spending days or weeks struggling to move a button or change a font. These tasks waste countless hours of time you could spend running your business rather than fighting with your website. Beyond that, there are the regular tasks that almost everyone overlooks until it’s too late – backups, updates, and outdated plugins. We’ll take care of all this for you, and more.

Marketing Tools

You know you need to research keywords for your content marketing efforts, track keyword rank to measure your results, monitor your backlinks, and regularly audit the on-page SEO for your site. However, these tools can be expensive and complicated to setup.

We’ve taken that hassle and made it easy for you by including over $1,400 worth of marketing tools for you. In addition to everything already mentioned, we have a suite of plugins and themes designed for conversion rate optimization ready for you to use. We also have a marketing dashboard that includes competitor and social media monitoring. When you signup, simply open a support ticket asking us to setup your marketing dashboard, we’ll take care of the setup for you.

Marketing Guidance

Each month, we will send you suggestions for improving your online marketing. Some of these will be small jobs you can have us take care of with a simple support request. Others are big-picture strategies you should consider implementing within your business. From SEO to PPC, social media marketing, building backlinks, and everything in between – we’ll tell you about the latest strategies and tactics that are working today. Better still, we’re here to help you implement these strategies on your site.


We spend a lot of time working with WordPress and online marketing. So much time that we’ve created online forums to discuss these topics when we’re not at work. When you sign up for WordPress Management with OptSus, we’ll send you an invitation to join our community. There you will learn more about conversion rate optimization, search engine optimization, and WordPress. Pop in any time to ask a question or get feedback about your project.

WordPress Management and support from OptSus includes:

  • Unlimited support for small jobs
  • Backup your WordPress site
  • Install updates to plugins and themes
  • Restore your WordPress site from backups when needed
  • Migrate your website between hosting providers when needed
  • Membership in WordPress support community
  • Access to conversion focused marketing tools
  • Marketing dashboard, including keyword research, keyword rank tracking, on-page SEO audit, backlink monitoring, competitor monitoring, social monitoring for mentions in news, blogs, or Twitter
  • Monthly suggestions for improving your online marketing

When you're ready, the first step is to schedule your site audit so we can ensure your website is ready for OptSus WordPress Management.


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