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OptSus Social Media Marketing grows your business by expanding your reach and engaging your audience.

Social Media Marketing

OptSus Social Media Marketing boosts your online presence, connecting you with your audience effortlessly. Using data-driven strategies, we help your brand stand out and achieve impactful results.

Enhanced Online Reach

With OptSus Social Media Marketing, businesses unlock a potential 50X increase in reach on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This surge in engagement revolutionizes audience interaction, breaking barriers related to business size or industry, fostering connections that transcend boundaries, and inviting meaningful engagements that drive brand growth and visibility.

Sustained Traffic Impact

Our Social Media service ensures enduring impact, maintaining traffic levels up to 10 times higher even after a hiatus. This sustained traffic elevation showcases the resilience of our strategies, creating a lasting impression and continuous brand visibility that transcends temporary pauses, ensuring your brand remains prominent and actively engaged with your audience.

Effortless Content Promotion

OptSus simplifies your online presence with scheduled posts aligned with your website content. Our streamlined bulk scheduling system handles three months of posts, freeing up your time to concentrate on business priorities. This effortless content promotion keeps your audience engaged, ensuring a consistent and vibrant online presence while you focus on growing your business.

Data-Driven Strategy

Leveraging advanced analytics, our service provides data-driven insights that empower your strategic decision-making. With precision targeting and tailored content strategies, we elevate your brand's online presence. This data-driven approach ensures your message resonates effectively with your specific target audience, boosting engagement and propelling your brand toward meaningful growth.

Social media marketing to help you...

Get traffic to your website

Take a look at the various brands we're managing. You can see the most clicks come from different platforms for each brand. In some cases, Twitter may generate very little click traffic to their posts. In other cases, this could be the top social media platform for that brand. Some brands get most of their click traffic from Pinterest, while others get zero traffic from Pinterest. This is why it is important to post across all your social media profiles and learn where your audience is most likely to click the links you share.

Screenshots of click data from different social media channels for various accounts.

Increase engagement on your social media profiles

Clicks are just one part of social media. There are other forms of engagement that demonstrate you have an active audience on a platform. This includes likes, shares, and comments as forms of engagement beyond clicking on links in your posts. Here, you can see how different brands are getting very different engagement from their social media profiles. Depending on where your audience is most active and the type of content you're publishing, you may find more engagement with your posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Screenshots of engagement data from different social media channels for various accounts.

Learn what messages get your audience to respond

At OptSus, we are continuously testing post ideas to see what resonates with the audience. Every day, we have an opportunity to publish a post and see if people click the link or engage with the content in other ways. This gives us a wealth of information about the posts that drive clicks and engagement. This is another reason why it is important to post at least once each day.

Screenshots of post data for various accounts.

Ultimately, drive sales

The ultimate goal of all this social media activity is to drive sales. Engagement helps to increase the number of people that see the posts. Clicking on links helps to get people off social media and over to the content on your website. If they engage with your social content and visit your website, those people will become customers. This is a process to build trust and educate people about the products and services offered by your business.




  • Enhanced Online Reach
  • Sustained Traffic Impact
  • Effortless Content Promotion
  • Data-Driven Strategy



  • Enhanced Online Reach
  • Sustained Traffic Impact
  • Effortless Content Promotion
  • Data-Driven Strategy

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As a small business owner, working with Frank's social media management is a no brainer! I have personally invested 100s of hours into social media, and our company has spent tens of thousands of dollars ($xx,xxx) in contracting out social media work.

With Frank, I am getting a *year's* worth of posts across *multiple* channels for a *fraction*! We're only in the first phase of our engagement, but after analyzing the first 1/3 of our posts, I can tell this is going to be a huge time and money saver for me.

Greg Heilers
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