OptSus Marketing Team

The OptSus team is located around the globe. The flexibility that comes with working online allows us to work and travel anywhere. Many people think of this as "working from home". Having a distributed team and working this way since 2010, we prefer to say that "we work from our laptops."

Benefits for Our Team

Schedule Flexibility

Every member of the OptSus team has complete control over their own schedule. Tasks are assessed based on deadlines and deliverables. When and where you complete the work does not matter. Some of the team prefers to work M - F from 8 - 5. Others add this work to their busy schedules on nights and weekends. You control your schedule.

Flat Organization Structure

Each service provider on the team is a contractor with their own business. OptSus has service providers, project managers, and sales executives. That's the entire organization structure. This makes our business fast and agile so we can adjust to market and technology changes. Your contribution is valued here.

Lifelong Learning

The internet is very different today than it was twenty years ago - we know because this business was there. As technology changes and digital marketing strategies evolve, the OptSus team is continually learning and improving. We take classes, attend/speak at conferences, and host our own industry events. When you're ready to expand your skills, resources are available.

Long-Term Growth

The OptSus team has been steadily growing since 1999. Year over year, revenue has been up for more than 20 years. While we're not the biggest or fastest growing company, we are a small business that has not only survived - but thrived - for over two decades. You can rely on this team to be here next year, and the year after, and the year after that, ...

Writers Wanted

We are seeking writers to join the OptSus team. This is an entry-level position which requires a strong command of the English language. Earn up to $50/hour, but most writers start around $10/hour or $20/hour. Interested?

I'm new to copywriting, tell me about this job

First, you should know that copywriting is a great way to earn some extra money while working from your laptop. This job can easily fit around your current obligations with another job, your family, and your community involvement. This can also grow into a full-time role as your skills develop.

We will provide you with a topic and a list of keywords. Your job is to write an article about that topic which includes the provided keywords.

You will quickly research the topic, create an outline, fill in each section of the outline with a few sentences and paragraphs, swap in the keywords as synonyms where appropriate, and edit as required.

Your efficency in completing these steps will determine your hourly rate because these writing assignments are paid per project. Some of our top writers complete 5 articles per hour and earn $50/hour. Many of our entry-level writers complete 1 - 2 articles per hour and earn $10/hour to $20/hour.

You are in control of how much you earn per hour because you can hone your writing skills to get more work done in a shorter period of time.

I understand copywriting, outline this role for me

Our writing team is paid on a per-project basis. The rate varies based on the length of the article and the research complexity. However, most of the work is basic content requiring minimal research.

We will provide you a topic and a list of related keywords. You should always writer for the human audience first, but the related keywords should be includes where possible for SEO purposes.

The most efficient writers on the team can complete 5 of these simple articles in an hour. That equates to $50/hour for those writers. However, beginners frequently complete 1 - 2 articles per hour and earn $10/hour or $20/hour for the same content assignments. As your efficiency improves, your hourly rate will increase. This is why we pay per-project for this work.

The system we use allows us to add you to our writing team and it allows you to accept work from other agencies on the platform. You are welcome to work on additional projects from other agencies to help fill your availability. One reason we chose this platform is to help our writing team earn more.
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