Simple WP Website

If you need a new website with less than 20 pages, know what you want on that website, and don't require major customizations - a simple WP website may be right for you.
Projects always start on Monday
You are reserving development resources for the week you have selected
The project continues until we have built all the pages of you new website
We build up to 5 pages each week
Please have everything ready to begin your project ahead of the project start date your are scheduling now. You will be billed each week until your new website is complete.

Book the start date for your Simple WP Website project.

Start Your Simple WordPress Website Project

Please download the simple webiste zip archive and use it to organize your files before scheduling this appointment.
Simple Website Zip Archive

Simple WordPress Website Process

  1. Schedule the start date for your Simple WordPress Website ($250)
  2. We build your website on our staging server (Monday & Tuesday)
  3. You review the website and make revision requests (Wednesday)
  4. We implement the changes you requested (Thursday)
  5. You review the website and approve the design or request an additional week of development (Friday $250)
  6. When approved by you, we deploy your completed website on the live server over the weekend

Project Time & Budget Estimate

It's easy to estimate the cost and schedule for a Simple WordPress Website project. Since we build up to five pages each week for $500, and ten page website will take two weeks at a cost of $1,000. Fifteen pages can be built in three weeks at a cost of $1,500.

Theme selection

You must select a WordPress theme that you want our development team to use.

Alternatively, you can provide three links to example websites you like with one sentence describing why you like each of those designs.

Why just one sentence? There is a great quote about brevity, "I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote you a long one." - unknown

We need to you think about what you like in a them for your website. What does your business require, and what can be elimintated to keep project costs down? This will help us build a simple WordPress website for your business.


You will provide the text we will put on each page and in the menu for your website. This includes the paragraphs on the page, section headings, page titles, and specific words used in the website menu. You should select these phrases based on the needs of your website visitors and the problems you help your clients solve.

With more expensive website projects, the team at OptSus will perform keyword research, on-page SEO, and copywriting services. However, we're relying on you for those elements to keep the cost low for this simple WordPress website.


You can provide one image per page that you're having us build on this simple WordPress website. By providing the images to us, you are taking responsibility for having the appropriate legal rights to use the image on your website.

Securing the appropriate copyright for images used on a website, and working with graphic designers to create theese assets, is something that OptSus can provide with premium website development services. The keep costs low with a Simple WordPress Website, we are relying on you to provide the images you want to use on your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Simple WordPress Website and a $10,000+ website.

In the project requirements listed above, there are a few things we already highlighed. These are included with more expensive websites and remvoed to make a Simple WordPress Website more budget friendly. Those include custom theme design, keyword research, on-page SEO, copywriting, graphic design, e-commerce, competitor analysis, MLS integration, and other premium services. A Simple WordPress Website is designed to be functional and budget friendly so you can start building your business online. When you're ready, we can help build a more robust website.

What if I'm not ready on the start date scheduled here?

If you don't think you will be ready, please don't schedule the start date. You can give yourself more time by scheduling the start date further out.

By scheduling your start date, our team is placed on standby. We are just waiting for the assets you will provide so we can build your website quickly. For this reason, there will be no refund if you miss the start date that you have scheduled.

Why does everything need to be ready before we start building the website?

We are going to quickly put your website together with most projects completed in 1 - 3 weeks. This does not allow for time to think about design decisions and text for the website. You need to make those choices before we start building the website so the project remains on schedule and within the budget.

Why am I paying so much for a 20 minute call?

The fee charged for scheduling your start date is not just for the 20 minute call. You are paying for the first week of development work. The Simple WordPress Website development process begins with a 20 minute call to review the assets you are providing. This ensures there are no questions or delays for us to get started.
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