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WordPress Help Desk events offer an opportunity to get professional support for your website.

If you don't see any available times on the calendar, please bookmark this page and check again soon. We only accept appointments a few weeks in advance, but more times will be made available soon.

Our commitment to supporting the WordPress community extends to offering 10% of our time to host these free WordPress Help Desk events. This allows us to help more than 100 people for $0 each year.

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Welcome to the revamped WordPress Help Desk Scheduling experience!

You might be wondering where the scheduling calendar went. Well, we've made a significant improvement.

To streamline the process and eliminate spam appointments, we've introduced a quick and easy five-minute course.

Completing this course grants you access to a cleaner, more efficient scheduling calendar. Once done, you'll navigate straight to the calendar, bypassing spam and freeing up more time for your WordPress Help Desk calls.

Ready to optimize your scheduling experience? Click below to take the course and unlock hassle-free appointment booking.

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