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Are you tired of the constant pressure to post on social media?

Have you ever felt torn between creating new content and promoting what you already have?

A few years ago, I faced the same dilemma—I focused solely on creating new content, neglecting the promotion of my existing work. It strained my small team, juggling between content creation and promotion. However, over the past two years, I've refined systems to redirect attention to my published content effortlessly.

Discover a stress-free way to maintain an active online presence.

People are searching on social media every day, and now my posts are showing up there with links back to the content already published on my website. I've realized the potential of redirecting attention to my existing content effortlessly.

This is the core problem that is solved with daily posts on social media. Join me in solving this dilemma:

Black Friday Social Media Offer!

End social media burnout.

365 days of social media management
for just $1,000

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Why Choose Our Social Media Management?

Proven Results

Up to 50X increase in Facebook and Instagram reach, unlocking unprecedented engagement with your audience, even for small businesses and local service companies.
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Lasting Impact

Even after a six-month posting hiatus, our test site's traffic remained 10X higher, demonstrating the enduring benefits of our strategy.

As you can see, traffic is much higher with daily posts. However, people are still finding our old posts months after we stopped publishing. We use our test sites for experiments like this before making recommendations to clients.
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Tailored to Your Content

Effortlessly maintain an active presence by publishing scheduled posts based on your website content, powered by our state-of-the-art analysis. We do this in bulk, writing, reviewing, and scheduling three months of posts at a time.
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Harness Social Influence

Did you know 78% of internet users turn to social media when seeking brand information? Your business needs to stay where your audience is looking, even if you don't have time to be personally active on all these social networks.

(Source: Global Web Index)
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Social Engagement

A staggering 94% of consumers engage with social platforms monthly. With our service, your brand consistently captivates your audience across multiple social media networks.

(Source: Global Web Index)
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Data-Driven Insights

Harness the strength of advanced analytics for data-driven insights, empowering your brand with strategic decision-making.

Targeted Audience Engagement

Elevate your brand's presence with precision, delivering content that resonates with your specific target audience.

Time-Saving Automation

Reclaim valuable time for your business – let our system automate your social media posts, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.

How Our Social Media Management Works

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Content Integration

After receiving your payment, we will contact you to schedule an onboarding call. Our system analyzes your website content, ensuring every scheduled post resonates with your brand and captivates your audience on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Business.

Approval Process

You will receive a spreadsheet with posts for the upcoming quarter. Review and request revisions within three days. After you approve the list of posts, we will schedule them to be published on your social media accounts.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly using Google Sheets. A hassle-free process designed with your convenience in mind.

Act Now Before It's Too Late!

This Black Friday deal is a game-changer for businesses seeking consistent online presence without the daily effort.

Don't miss out - the offer expires on Cyber Monday!

Exclusive Black Friday Deal - $1,000 for 365 Days of Social Media Management!

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FAQ - About Our System

What powers the enhanced social media management system?

Our system is designed to utilize cutting-edge technologies to enhance your social media management experience. We use information within the content on your website to create engaging social media posts.

How are we doing this for such a low price?

Our system incorporates AI elements to streamline processes and enhance the user experience. We've invested years in refining our systems and processes through continuous testing on our own websites. These optimizations have created efficiencies that enable us to offer this service at an affordable price. Moreover, our focus is on addressing a specific challenge in social media management – the need for daily posting. By honing in on this particular aspect, we've crafted a specialized solution that caters to the unique needs of businesses seeking a cost-effective way to maintain an active online presence.

What social media platforms does your enhanced management system support?

Our system supports a comprehensive range of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Business.

What happens if I need to make changes to the scheduled posts after the review period?

We understand that plans may change. While revisions need to be requested within the initial review period, we offer flexibility. Feel free to reach out, and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs. Keep in mind, the batch processing is one way that we keep the cost down. This type of adjustment should be very infrequent.

Can I use this service if I don't have a blog on my website?

While having a blog enhances the content pool for scheduled posts, it's not mandatory. Our system is designed to work with various types of content, including news, events, travel, and e-commerce websites.

What are the restrictions on these 1,000 posts?

We will deliver content for 365 days of scheduled posts on your social media channels. Actually, it adds up to more than 1,000 but using the lower number has a nice ring (1k posts for $1k). For 365 days, we will publish one post each day on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Business. That's up to 2,555 posts if you have us publish daily on all 7 of these social networks. If you choose just three of these social networks, that adds up to 1,095 posts.

Is this a good fit for my business?

The key concern is that your business needs to have some content for our team to reference when writing the social media posts. Examples of content we can reference include blog posts, an event calendar, news articles, e-commerce products, travel articles, YouTube videos, or other lists of published content.

How does the system ensure content quality?

We understand the importance of quality content. Our system undergoes rigorous checks to maintain the highest standards, ensuring your brand's reputation is upheld. Don't forget, you have the opportunity to review every post in one batch process each quarter. This only requires  a couple of hours from someone on your team every three months.

Is the system suitable for all businesses?

While our enhanced social media management is beneficial for a wide range of businesses, your website must have some content we can draw from for inspiration when creating posts. This service is great for any website with a blog, event calendar, news articles, e-commerce products, travel articles, YouTube videos, or other list of published content.

Can I customize the content that is scheduled for my social media accounts?

Absolutely! Our system allows you to review and request revisions for the scheduled posts. This ensures that the content aligns perfectly with your brand's voice and goals.

Is my payment information secure when I make a purchase?

Yes, your payment information is completely secure. We use trusted payment gateways and follow industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your financial data.

What happens if I have a specific industry or niche? Will the system still work for me?

Absolutely! Our system is adaptable to various industries and niches. Whether you're in technology, health, finance, or any other sector, our goal is to tailor our services to meet your specific needs and audience.

Are images included?

We will publish links to your content which will pull your existing featured image or product images from your website.

Is this a bad fit for my business?

If your business does not have some content for our team to reference, we won't have any source material for the social posts. Some examples of businesses that would have more difficulty with this service include one page websites and any business with less than ten pages of content. Some examples of content we can reference include blog posts, an event calendar, news articles, e-commerce products, travel articles, YouTube videos, or other lists of published content. As you can see, the content could be published on other platforms like YouTube or Medium. However, you do need to have an archive of content we can use a reference material for your social posts.

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