Professional Development

Through the NCSU Professional Development program, Frank Jones has been providing digital marketing and WordPress training to small businesses, people making a career change, entry-level marketers, and internal marketing teams for companies in North Carolina. These course offerings include:
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress SEO
  • Introduction to SEO
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In these courses, students learn the fundamentals of search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization. After the Google Analytics class, students know how to connect this tool to a website, collect data, measure key performance indicators, and create reports to demonstrate the impact of digital marketing on business goals. With the WordPress SEO class, students learn how to implement on-site SEO best practices using the content management system that powers 39.6% of the world’s websites. In the Introduction to SEO class, students begin to think about the internet in terms of users, spiders, and content – this helps them understand how to optimize content on their websites to appeal to users and search engines.
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